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  • John E. Crean, Jr., Obl.S.B., Ph.D.

Designer and Maker

Designer and Maker (Isaiah 45:18 NABRE)

18      For thus says the LORD,

The creator of the heavens,

    who is God,

The designer and maker of the earth

    who established it,

Not as an empty waste did he create it,

    but designing it to be lived in.

This wonderful verse of scripture I ran across reading today’s Morning Prayer in the Liturgy of

the Hours. It led me to focus on the sanctity, perhaps even the sacrament of ecology—preserving what

God the Creator has given us in the beauty of the earth. Yes, Genesis narrates the days of creation, how essentially heaven came first, but not far thereafter came earth, yes, a place God specifically designed for us to live well in, to appreciate, and to care for.

One of the former intercessions we used to pray during the liturgy said it this way:

That we neither selfishly waste nor wantonly destroy thy handiwork,

Help us, dear Lord.

Selfishly waste nor wantonly destroy: those words come to mind whenever I think of the contempt some exhibit for the beauty of earth, from careless campers to greedy investors, and all the rest in between. We are today paying a huge price for the many decades we have been literally so damn disrespectful of the beauty of earth—whether you believe in a Divine Creator or not. One would have to be totally blind to discount the natural beauty of planet earth which—due to our persistent ignorance and denial of true science—has allowed this fragile earth, our island home to heat up until it eventually burns up. Global warming isn’t a hoax; it’s the truth. The term climate change is but a euphemistic salve to soothe the souls of those refusing to read the thermometer of truth.

As some experts have predicted, planet earth may in decades to come become inhabitably hot.

Most likely, you and I won’t be around to experience this nightmare, but our grandchildren and great

grandchildren, will for sure. Would you please join me in today to pray for two intentions?

  1. that those in positions of power may put an end to allowing this fragile earth, our island home to be disrespected unto destruction; and

  2. that we no longer selfishly waste nor wantonly destroy the beauty of what we have been given. Amen.

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