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  • John E. Crean, Jr., Obl.S.B., Ph.D.

Rejoice, be glad, and fear no longer!

Lent is over and Easter is upon us!

“The Day of Resurrection” are the first words of a favorite Easter hymn, set to the

beautiful tune Ellacombe. One stanza of that hymn encourages us with these


And hear His message plainly,

Delivered calm and clear:

“Rejoice with me in triumph,

Be glad and do not fear.

Lord, I am beyond grateful for these forty days just now past. I can’t remember

another Lent as grace-filled as this one has been. How can I thank you enough for

all the graces you have given, for your sustained presence, your abiding

inspiration up to and including a blessed, though rigorous, Holy Week?

Your message in this hymn comes through loud and clear: rejoice, don’t be

afraid—of anything or anyone. You have risen as you said, you have fulfilled your

promise of new life, Resurrection life. Your tomb is clearly empty. No need to look

around there for the living among the dead, nor any need to be “looking for love

in all the wrong places,” as one country western put it.

And the Day of Resurrection is no one-day event, no one-off happening either,

but rather our sustained theme, our own mini- Easter, throughout every Sunday

of the year.

Alleluia! Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed!

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